Remote/Telecommute Agents/Employees

The growing number of home/Telecommute agents/employees is growing at high rate year over year. Companies are spending astronomical amounts of capital to purchase large phone systems just to run 100’s of pots (plain old telephone service) lines (This would be equal to buying a brand new car with all the bells and whistles, but the engine is a 1989 4 cylinder). There is substantial disadvantage of these systems besides the price, dropped calls, can’t call another agent for help, no 3 way calling to assist customers or agents better. The list goes on and on. Frequently agents will be speaking with a customer and an agents home line or the internal system hiccups, the call is lost. Virtual Telecoms system will automatically place the caller on hold with music and try the phone again. If the system is unsuccessful, the system then moves the call based on your preference. Customers are not hung up on or left in the dead air. The use of Remote/Telecommute works is growing, and so is the VOIP market, just remember that all VOIP is not equal when you are making your decisions.