Other Providers Systems

We posted a new review from a client we saved from the “Normal Problems” other providers have.
We want to dig into this big issue a little deeper. Almost all other service providers use the same base technology and build upon to create their features and what you see. The issue with this approach is all VOIP providers have the same problem, how the backend communicates with the phones when a phone call comes into the system, or a call is made out. An invite to the phone is sent for an incoming call, or a request to the system is made for an outbound call. Combo routers at your home or business are in most cases hard coded with a packet modifier and a few other features that help traffic along quicker. The issue with having this features on or hard coded on is that when a VOIP packet has modified the phones and systems cannot differentiate what the packed is. This is why calls do not get to phones, calls out are never connected, voices sound like robots, and if you are on a call, you have to pause for extended periods of time because you and the person are speaking over each other. Other providers will tell you we can fix this, but you will need to buy a new router from us for the fix. The routers range from $180-$500 usually, if you have 20 agents working from home. That is $3,600 in routers you need to buy. That is bogus.
Our system is built from scratch; our phones run on VPN encrypted tunnels for the highest security and reliability. No routers to buy all your agents or funny problems to report with no resolution. We built our system with the goal to eliminate the common problems of VOIP security, reliability, and functionality. We have accomplished and proven this time and time again.