Design of our phone system eliminates the traditional VOIP problems other providers have every day.



Virtual Telecoms provides a seamless integration of functionalities, all in one place. Voice calls, video calls, conferencing and more. You can manage, track and monitor business right from your computer.


At Virtual Telecoms, communication security is not taken lightly. Our monitoring tools keep unwanted traffic away only letting authorized traffic in through multi-factor authentication that provides layered security to give reliable protection. All of our redundant data centers have dual and diverse internet feeds into the facilities, high-efficiency double-online conversion UPS with backup diesel generators to power the data center in the event of a power outage or a connectivity outage to avoid any business interruptions.



With detailed analysis, you can view the activity of your entire organization down to a single event. Our Analytics service is an industry top notch; Analytics will help you make better decisions for the future through actionable insights. Custom reports can be run on the fly or automatically emailed on a schedule tailored to your business needs. You can get access to your data at any given point to understand the current and the past to make informed decisions for the future


Efficiency can be increased substantially by a smooth transition of calls between on-site and remote locations. Our tools aid you in managing different locations, employees, and work at home employees. Keep an eye on the productivity of your employees and dissolve any bottlenecks by controlling all activity with real-time monitoring of any location or employee, you have an instant snapshot of your business



Providing customers with a cloud phone service is just the beginning. What we want is to exceed your expectations and to help you grow your business as you have envisioned. View your business from any web browser or on your mobile. With our advanced communications, you can move calls between devices for increased flexibility and mobility. Our sophisticated equipment lets you connect with clients, colleagues, and employees to work and interact from anywhere.



  • Allows callers to go to a specific extension based on their selection without a live operator.
  • Auto attendant enables you to dial a specific user by extension.
  • Dial a user by selecting the first three letters of their last name.
  • Authorized users can choose a song for callers to listen while on hold.
  • Extension support can help enterprises never miss a call even during location power and internet outages.
  • If a call goes unanswered, it is automatically transferred to another extension or presented with a voicemail option.
  • Get a reminder ring at intervals while a caller is on hold.
  • Assign different dial tones for different features of the phone.
  • Choose variable ringtones for distinguishing between other phones
  • Users have the ability to add custom ringtones to their phones.


  • Calls can be forwarded to another extension or number if a particular line is in use.
  • Agents have the option to permanently forward calls to another number.
  • Agents can screen calls and divert them to specific destinations after identification via caller ID.
  • All phone agents can be assigned with a DID (Direct Inbound Dial) to be directly contacted without going through the automated assistant.
  • All incoming calls can be temporarily diverted to another destination or sent to voicemail.
  • All agents have assigned extensions that are used for transferring calls, internal calls or can work in conjunction with Automated-attendant features.
  • Agents can view other agents statuses.
  • In addition to the primary number, your phone can display a set of different DIDs.
  • Agents phones can be configured to take different call treatments at a particular part of the day.
  • Agents can receive another agents parked call through a graphical park service menu.
  • Receive a phone call on your phone while it’s ringing on another phone in the office.
  • Direct this incoming phone call to another extension with the puuch of a button.
  • Pick up an incoming call by selecting from an on-screen list
  • Group of extensions within your company can share contribution of calls.


  • Allows a caller to leave a message for the general voice mailbox accessible by designated employees.
  • Your voicemail can be saved visually and as a WAV format.
  • Agents can navigate through their voicemail menus with their voice.
  • Incoming voicemail messages are automatically tagged with Caller ID, date, time, and duration.
  • Users can receive a visual notification such as a LED light or through on-screen alerts.
  • Grant one user an access to multiple voice mailboxes.
  • Handle your voicemail through phone screen navigation.
  • Reply based on caller ID from withing the voicemail.
  • Receive voicemail notifications on multiple email address.
  • Send a notification in WAV format to any email.


  • Secure your conference calls with Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encrypted audio.
  • Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is used for real-time communication in a web browser.
  • A one-time access code is generated for conference calls for security purposes.
  • Individual access codes with a multi-digit pin can be produced for organizers and attendees of the conference calls.
  • Your conference calls can be password protected for another added layer of security.
  • Sharing highly sensitive company information can be protected via encrypted web conferencing calls.


  • Calls can be monitored to spot unusual activity for potential abuse.
  • Supported material can have a personalized logo.
  • Multiple users can log in and out of the phones allowing desk and time sharing.
  • New users can be created, and names can be changed by the administrator.
  • Phone and voicemail passwords managed by the administrator.


  • Queue Based Call Routing
  • Skill Routing
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Voicemail escalation
  • Flexibility and More

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